Don't Forget About Electricity!! If your inflatables or moonwalks will be used in a park or forest preserve, please ensure that you will have electricity. If you are in need of electricity, Jump N' Jam can include a generator along with our moonwalk rentals.
Standard Generators rent for $75 per day. This Generator has 2 outlets. Big Generators rent for $110 per day. This generator has 4 outlets. We do not provide extension cords. If you will need them, please have them ready for the driver upon delivery.

All generators are delivered filled with gas. If you use the extra outlet(s) on the generator for other purposes, this will cause the generator to use the gas faster. In this case, you will be responsible for adding additional gas if you run out. We recommend you keep a gas can on the premises. If you will be using your own generator, please ensure it has the following specifications:

If you rented a Bounce house- startup- 1840 watts, running 805 watts, 16 amp startup, 7 amp running, 20 amp circuit.

If you rented a combo or bigger- startup 18 amp, 8.8 amp running 22 amp circuit.

If you rent more than one concession with your inflatable, we recommend two generators or the big generator.
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